Family - Monthly
02-12-2023 – 01-01-2024
1 Month

Family Membership

This membership level allows for a whole family under one account name. A family is defined as adult(s) and at least one child under 18 who appear on the same Medicare card. Only 1 RFID access tag will be issued.

Thanks for joining!

This membership gives you physical access to the Hobart Hackerspace - to visit and use the space (including equipment - see safety info) any time, 24/7. It also gives you access to our friendly and intelligent members, who have skills in a wide variety of technical areas, including 3D printing, CNC milling, electronics, IoT computers, etc.

That includes visiting the open nights an unlimited number of times. We run almost entirely on memberships, and only scrape by!

Membership Agreement

When you become a member of Hobart Hackerspace Inc. it is a requirement that you agree to and follow these guidelines relating to your membership and activities in the space.

(Link to guidelines)